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Users Include:

  • Gendarmerie Nationale, France
  • Massachusetts State Police

New Pricing Announcement

On October 1, 2015 we are changing our pricing. In addition to the price change, maintenance will become mandatory as of October 1, 2015. This means we will invoice customers just prior to their maintenance expiry date for the annual maintenance fee. The new pricing will be as follows:

CSIpix Comparator purchase price: $599 USD

CSIpix Comparator mandatory annual maintenance fee: $199 USD

CSIpix Matcher purchase price: $1995 USD (unchanged)

CSIpix Matcher mandatory annual maintenance fee: $499 USD


CSIpix® Matcher - Don't Give Up on that UGLY Latent

CSIpix® Matcher is a powerful new tool based on the CSIpix® Comparator. The Matcher can be used to perform an in-depth automated search of a latent print against a full palm or tenprint. Generate minutiae points automatically and search a latent with as few as 4 points. For a preview of CSIpix Matcher see the overview video "CSIpix Matcher Introduction."

CSIpix® Comparator - Used by Hundreds of Agencies in over 25 Countries

Forensic Magazine Award

For an overview please see the video "CSIpix Comparator Version 3.0 Preview".

CSIpix® Comparator runs on your PC – no new hardware required. Some of the most respected names in forensics are using it to efficiently process forensic images like fingerprints, palm prints, footprints, treadmarks and ballistics markings. Take images from crime scene to court room with CSIpix® Comparator for only $399. 

Scan images directly into CSIpix® Comparator or simply drag and drop from e-mails or folders. Open ANSI/NIST-ITL Files. Scroll through folders using the thumbnail preview. Quickly display two images side by side at the same magnification. Print at 1:1 scale. Easily prepare exhibits and paste them directly into a slideshow or print them.

Only CSIpix® Comparator includes one-click functions like Auto Scaling, Auto Contrast and Greyscale Optimization to speed up the fingerprint comparison workflow, as well as efficient, easy to use tools for annotation and exhibit preparation.

CSIpix® Connect

Connect the entire team of CSIpix® Comparator users and manage all your Digital Case File Information with CSIpix® Connect. For a preview of CSIpix Connect see the overview video "CSIpix Connect Introduction."

CSIpix® Connect provides a secure database for your Case Files and improves your workflow by assigning Case Files to individual CSIpix® Comparator users. Contact us for more information or request your FREE trial.

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LYNN PEAVEY Company   MEDTECH Forensics

TRITECH Forensics         SIRCHIE




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CSIpix is used for the processing and comparison of forensic images


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